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Feb 9, 2023
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[Quality Content, Unlimited on YOUKU]
"Wulin Heroes": Only on YOUKU! Li Hongyi and Huang Riying take on the roles of a cold-faced miracle doctor and a demoness bent on revenge. Together, they shall stir up love and wistfulness in Wulin…
"My Eternal Star": A cute girl enamored with Hanfu and an enthusiastic pro-gamer fall in love with each other!
"Turn on the Right Way of Life": Huang Bo and Mei Ting team up to portray the various ups and downs of middle age and demonstrate what real life has to offer. From fighting fate to accepting life, come watch it on YOUKU, where the show awaits you every night at 8:30 PM (UTC+8)!
"Big Brother": Based on the novel "My Senior Brother Is Too Steady", this is a Chinese animation masterpiece! A light-hearted comedy about cultivation, where being steady amid chaos is the way to go!
"Country Love 15": It's a celebration whenever Country Love comes around! Every Monday to Thursday, come and watch the "Xiangya Mountain F4" do their annual mischief, where everyone tries to start a business!
"The Blood of Youth" is exclusive on YOUKU! Xiao Se, Wuxin, Sikong Qianluo, and Lei Wujie are brought together by fate and become good friends while roaming the martial arts world passionately together!
"Memories Beyond Horizon" is an inspirational reality show that aims to give professional training to young actors. The show is created based on classic Hong Kong dramas and TVB’s professional star-making model. Its core mission is to accomplish the new era’s cultural entertainment goals.
"Wonderful Hand" Bosco Wong and Zhang Yishang embark on a journey of romance and redemption during the Republican period.
"Never Grow Old", set in the 1990s, tells the story of two generations who face setbacks, solve problems, and eventually gain kinship, friendship, and love in their mundane lives.
"Rising Land" is a music show that encourages the blossoming of friendships through music. With new episodes weekly, it is a year-long program hosted and organized by the artists. "Rising Land" signifies a new rising sun. Through lively performances and the positive expression of songs, the show aims to embrace the beautiful musical aspirations of our young artists. Here, every person with a passion for the stage can pursue their own music, spotlight, and performances. Musicians gather and share their healing experiences of stage performances, imagine what the future of music holds for them, and present unforgettable performances with like-minded people who are working hard to achieve the same goal.
"Lighter & Princess" Chen Feiyu and Zhang Jingyi's sweet reciprocal love in early winter! Adapted from the novel "Lighter & Princess",exclusive on YOUKU!
"Unexpected Falling" The "little princess" Ruan Zhenzhen, naive in the eyes of outsiders, meets the mysterious lawyer Gao Jun after encountering a sudden predicament. The two gradually let go of their suspicion and start to trust each other while working together to overcome difficulties.
"Shining Just for You" The prairie girl Ye Lingshuang is determined to save Qihai Rui, the Princess of Yebei, and turn back time. However, her fate is intertwined with that of the resolute emperor Yu Xiuming. Can they really go back to the past? Feng Shaofeng and Peng Xiaoran join hands to interpret the reciprocal love sparked despite pride and prejudice.
"Apotheosis"After many trials and tribulations, he eventually becomes a god! The house slave Luo Zheng carries out a shocking revenge plan to save his family. He embarks on an unusual cultivation path of refining the body with the help of a mysterious manual.
"Falling into You" Jin Chen and Wang Anyu hold hands to chase their dreams together.
Check out the adventures of Team "Obsession" solving the puzzles and getting to the bottom of the truth on October 7 at 6 PM only on YOUKU. They stay true to their mission and it is time to crack cases!
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